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"All the senior BCCI members distinctly remember how Manohar, who was advising the BCCI on the Kochi issue (in 2011), one Saturday decided on termination. Some of the senior members were of the opinion that we should wait till Monday. But Manohar was insistent that we should go ahead and encash the bank guarantee.

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Vinyl TilesIf your floor is outdated, dirty and grungy then getting a new floor will make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen.
You may not even notice how dingy the floor looks and may be reluctant to budget in any money for a floor but try to take a fresh
look at it and really notice what it looks like. When I sold my house I thought my kitchen floor was a little old but just fine
my realtor took one look and convinced me that a new floor would help me get more for the house.

Not all reality is shitty though. Reality TV is dramatised and I think
everyone knows that. There is a huge spectrum of reality tv ranging from repetitive, formulaic garbage
like pawn stars to really excellent shows like Real Housewives that have really great characters and because there is some
grounding in real life, the characters are so nuanced and motivated in a way that
can really be scripted.

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