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- Shield Potions and Small Shield Potions (or "Minis") restore your
shields (the bar that is blue the surface of the green club), but just two Shield Potions can fully restore your quality of life.

- The Chug Jug takes 15 moments to eat, but gives you full health and shields.

- consuming Slurp Juice will provide you with one wellness point
per 2nd plus one shield point per second, for 25 moments.
5. understand each tools' strengths and weaknesses.
5. understand each tools' talents and weaknesses.

- Snipers are ideal for taking right out enemies from cross country,
but terrible for close combat.

- Shotguns are perfect for whenever enemies are near,
however you need to be aggressive when utilizing it.
(decide to try jumping while pushing forward on an enemy to become a moving target.)

- Assault rifles are great at long distances, but
can be used close up as well when necessary.
Some have actually scopes; others cannot.

- Submachine guns fire actually quickly, but are bad at cross country.

- Pistols are good at medium range, but may fire too slowly
for close-combat situations.
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In the event that you land in an area along with
other players it will always be best to glug those potions right away.
Nevertheless if you are alone take to finding less shields that are potent downing your regular shield potions.
Like that you may get that sweet, sweet 200HP.
Only engage when you are certain of success

The aim of Fortnite Battle Royale is to survive, not to get kills unlike the vast majority of multiplayer shooters.

This is certainly arguably perhaps one of
the most important Fortnite tips to keep in mind: you can get 98 kills and still

Rather, you need to endure to your extremely end, so you need to evaluate very carefully whether
any engagement is necessary all the time. Some aggro that is unwise alert the target and nearby players to where you are, bringing a quick and early end to your

Having said that, high-risk techniques can come with the rewards to match.
Effectively downing your target will net you their loot,
that might bolster your arsenal sufficient to make
the difference in the stages that are final.
Do not loot figures instantly

It is hard not to zip over to your unfortunate victim’s corpse and loot the shower of items that have erupted from their body if you get a
kill. Resist this temptation.

Firefights attract lots of attention; you simply cannot guarantee that the mano-a-mano that is
murderous has piqued the attention of nearby players.
You're at your many vulnerable whenever looting; you might be presenting
an easy, static target to your opponent to easily blow away.
Resist the urge to loot immediately. Watch for others to just take the juicy bait.

Additionally, when looting, build around yourself while you swap out gear.
This really is more crucial while
curing or using shield potions: you never understand who was
simply watching your fight via a range and simply waiting to land an effortless

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