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In today's culture, it is very easy and common for things to Be
fads, in style one day, and entirely out of style the next.
But with all the platform Snapchat, that has not appeared to be the
case. Out since 2011, the app still remains to be one of the
very best ones on the app store, using over
186 million users on it every day. For anyone contemplating going into company in this field, or generally speaking,
the idea behind why the app has remained popular
for a long time could possibly be an answer to their own problems.
However, when delving deeper into the topic, it appears as if there might be multiple reasons for
the achievement.

The Privacy

Among the reasons Why Snapchat performs so well
is because of the privacy it permits users. Normally, in most cases, not only do
the messages vanish unless the member saves them,
but the snapchats in general delete afterwards opened also.
This allows parties to feel more free to say what they want, since there is less chance of the
receiving party having the ability to endure it for a long amount
of time. Specifically, this app is utilized mostly by young
teenagers, who like this feature a lot.

The Filters

Another aspect of this App the current generation seems to enjoy
alike, are the filters. This app is centered around shooting
photos and selfies, and has features that enable members to modify how their face looks, using filters which typically make them attractive.
This idea is one that a great deal of users like, and go as far as to take pictures using snapchat
camera specifically, then use the photos on other social media platforms,
like Instagram and Twitter.

Overall, the reason why Snapchat is so successful is
because It ties into what the current generation enjoys and finds important.
Any Company or brand or app that is wanting to obtain the
amount of success as Snapchat, should simply study the likes of the
current creation, and cater Specifically to them.
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