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My working experience with SAP Organization ? sap for manufacturing industry One particular

Prior to I share my encounter; with SAP Organization Just one as a computer software product; allow me to share why I chose SAP Business enterprise Just one. With above 19 years of expertise in IT and over 9 several years in International Enterprise Improvement, I believed my occupation was getting monotonous. I felt a need to specialise in possibly an item or simply a vertical. Nevertheless, it wasn't quick to generate a preference. It was then; a close mate & an ex-colleague introduced me to SAP Small business A single. I already had fairly image sound exposure to SAP R/3 & the company (SAP, AG); & hence my alternative was obvious.

Why does anyone select SAP?

The company is an unchallenged leader in ERP segment.

SAP has a person of the best-packaged software products ranges.

SAP's line of enterprise is just ERP.

SAP's Commitment to Customer:

Their products are continuously upgraded.

They have a fantastic support mechanism.

I haven't had any exposure, per say, to any other products in the same segment, but I knew I was making the right decision.

As I started exploring & using SAP Organization One particular more & more, I realized that there are certain outstanding features, which enable you to achieve great results without using the coding route. The feature I like the most is User Defined Fields (UDF) & especially the combination of UDF and Formatted Search. You can literally map almost any complex process in your logistics and achieve a result through a work around by using these features. I always advice my customers and also my team, to stretch the application to its optimum level in advance of you go the coding way. The beauty is that even the users or functional consultants (without any coding knowledge) can create user defined fields or tables.

Now let me share some real life experiences,

The implementation team should make sure that kick-off meeting should highlight and define the involvement and commitment from the customer rather than technical intricacies of the company processes or the solution.
Get as much details of customer's business processes as possible. Get down to the document level and field level. If the customer is a little worried about confidentiality, go ahead and sign an NDA or mention the option of blank forms.
Once the solution is ready, demonstrate the solution to the customer and spend time with all the key users till they understand and ask them to enter a few real life transactions while you are onsite.
If there are any suggestions, make revisions and install the solution as being a Training company. Request the customer's project coordinator to follow the mantra of Practice! Practice!! AND More Practice!!!
These typically are conference room pilots, which ensure that there are no last moment surprises.

ERP & Company Process Reengineering
Any ERP implementation gives you a good chance to refine / re-define your existing processes; provided you look at it with an open mind. I have seen lot of companies deriving huge benefits just by following "Best Practices" recommended by SAP.
The obvious advantage the customer gets is the productivity of the staff and their time is utilized in actual work like follow-up with customers or vendors rather than manipulating figures in half automated programs.
You can also get rid of lot of data redundancies. You might not have dealt with some vendors for several years or some items may not be in use any more. You can re-look at Item or Customer codifications to generate it more logical or trim-down the Items list with proper classifications. Possibilities are many.

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