Network Planning Engineer Jobs

Network Planning Engineer Jobs

Individual from arranging group in the Network Engineering bunch with obligations regarding gathering, breaking down, and inclining of limit data over every lit system (MPLS and DWDM). Use information gathered to make suggestions on activities to expand limit, prepare administrations, and additionally address densification of metro administrations as indicated by characterized organize structures. Finish the making of activities and supporting business cases resolved to be required to guarantee limit on the center and total systems important to meet Sales and Service Delivery needs.

Collect and break down information from every single lit system to create fatigue estimates on a week by week/month to month cycle contingent upon type and verifiable development rate

Access arrange components to gather data on an intermittent premise to track and pattern use of following system parameters Create and Store information in an organized configuration to have the capacity to inquiry for reports Run investigation on the information above to make organized reports that show inclining of the information above

Use the inclining data to gauge deplete time periods for every one of the parameters being followed

Develop abridged "dashboards" the show initially condition of system

Produce repeating reports for Capacity Managers to convey this data and direct investigation to help in basic leadership

Work with IT association to robotize and institutionalize this into a more reasonable process

Review any limit special cases to make an assurance/suggestion on the essential activities to address/relieve.

Develop/assess organize upgrade choices and set forth business case suggestions for administration.

Support the improvement and usage of new guidelines/highlights related with the SONET/DWDM/MPLS/IP/Ethernet systems

Provide support to every single interior group concerning legitimate determination of areas and hardware to suit benefits in the "hazy areas" of the norms

Monitor adherence to distributed ISP Standards.Develop remedial activity intends to address any issues recognized.

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